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An object of the joint-building persuasion, consisting of a range of joints stuck together with extra long perpendicular paper tying the rolled joints together, from shorter to longer, with different kinds of chronic inside it, making so that you can "play the dutch pan flute", meaning you're taking hits from several different weeds or hash in a pattern you choose yourself, thus creating a melody of savors in your mouth, and a fuckin' trainwreck in your head.
Usually, this is done while the attendants are able to score a shitload of different shit, for the purpose of the flute building you would indeed need at least twenty different substances to make it really interesting. To make it smart, you usually line up the shit from mellow to oh-my-god-this-is-strong, so you can play to flute from left to right and get increasing power going to your brain.
Chris : Hey man, we gotta stop goin to the coffee shop when we're stoned out of our asses. Look at all this weed and hash we bought again, no way I'm gonna retain my sanity after that.
Louis : Don't pussy out on me right now bitch, let's roll a fuckin dutch pan flute and we'll get through this pile of happiness in a jiffy.
Chris : Man, you crazy !
Louis : Shut up and get some cardboard and paper.
Chris : Roger that.
by Klisstoriss February 17, 2012
Chords douchebag usually learn and stick to with the guitar, for the purpose of sounding cool at parties. You can easily spot a douchebag using douchebag chords at any event, since he's a poorly educated wannabe musician, hardly scoring with any of the poor-looking half-baked floozies, while the cool full-on stoned attendants are properly getting infuriated by the amount of G, C, A, E and D chords (with no variations) played randomly while accompanying cheesy, ill-written lyrics.
Stephen : Hey man, take a look at the freakin' prick in the bedroom.
Brian : Oh man, you talkin' about the guy with the dirty goatee and the cheap guitar ? I thought I could hear douchebag chords being played !
Stephen : You damn right, and look at the crowd around the bed, what a bunch of losers.
Brian : Hey man you got that weed ? Gotta numb my brain from this excruciating sonic bullshit.
Stephen : Sit right back in that couch mister, you gonna be taken care of. Just fire up the volcano, everything's gonna be alright.
Brian : You rock, I love you.
Stephen : I love you too, bromosexual.
by Klisstoriss February 17, 2012
Derogatory term for a homosexual person, the metaphor being of course about anal sex, hence the position of the zipper (in the rear). Can be used either to talk about the person itself (see first example) or to point out a characteristic of said person (see second example)
First example :

Steve : Dude, check out the rearside zipper at the bar ! Gotta tell Andy, he needs to get some ass fast, the pillow partition is barely keeping him at bay these days...
Dave : Word, man, word.

Second example :

Kyle : Oh bro, I just spotted a major queer man !
Brian : Where ? Jesus ! The dude does have a major rearside zipper indeed !
Kyle : You know it !
(Homophobic and highly unethical high-five)
by Klisstoriss February 17, 2012
Remaining DJ of the two-men team who formed the infamous DJ band Aeroplane. This guy is like the second coming of Jesus, but if Jesus were this awesome dude with nice glasses and very good taste in music. Call it Jesus 2.0 if you will.
In many manuscripts, it has been said that Vito is capable of making your prostate jump up and down if you're a man, and making you ovulate right away if you're a woman.
The music from Vito de Luca is one of the few things that make the world better. It does not matter if you're a deadbeat with a deadend job, it does not matter if your dick smell like shit and women puke when they try to give you abajowski, it does not matter if your parents tell you that you'll amount to nothing and you're the result of a few tequila slammers and an oversized prophylactic. It does not matter if the last time you inserted your ugly weiner in a coochie was that last awkward new year's eve where you took advantage of your cousin's mentally disabled friend at the mental institute for blind catholic schoolgirls, DUDE, nothing will matter anymore.
Just lie down, stare at your ceilling, put the earwax-covered earphone in, select one of the many fine mixes this semi-god has to offer and let yourself be filled with this shiny ball of warmth. It will make everything just right, and if the feeling fades away, bro, play another one.

To sum this fuckin UD article up, Vito de Luca is da bomb.
Carl : Man, I just listened to the Aeroplane chart mix of may 2010...
Henry : So what ?
Carl : I love you man.
Henry : You queer.

Joshua : Man, you got canned from your job again ? What you did this time homes ?
Claus : I got caught red-handed smoking pot and getting my dick sucked by the boss' daughter in the supply room.
Joshua : Broooo, wrooong, in so many ways !
Claus : fuck it, play the Aeroplane Triple JJJ mix, I need it right now.
Joshua : you got it. Vito de Luca's gonna take care of your sorry ass.

Mother : Frank, come in here !
Son : Yes Mom ?
Mother : we gotta talk. Your father and I are getting a divorce. This sorry excuse for a man is getting a sex change operation, and I want to fulfill my dream of becoming the biggest cocksucker in midget porn. Plus you're an unwanted child, and I tried to perform the abortion myself by sticking sharpened chinese chopsticks in my cunt from month one to month seven.
Son : Man... I really oughtta check out the new Aeroplane mix.
by Klisstoriss February 20, 2012

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