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Xenu is the one that $cient0l0gists fear and hate most. They claim that he is the cause of everything bad in the world because he nuked a bunch of people in an Earth volcano, then trapped the souls of everyone he nuked with sticky fly paper-like material, then made all the souls watch a 3D movie and finally released them back on to earth where they go around attaching themselves to humans causing them pain. $cient0l0gy makes their money by brain washing people into believing this crap and having themselves "audited" of these spirits which are called "thetans". $cient0l0gists also believe that eating asparagus will prevent thetans from infecting you.

Xenu is also the one who will provide all the Wogs with mecha to destroy $cient0l0gy!

more information: www.xenu.net
I am an agent of Xenu.
Man, I can't wait for Xenu to give us our mecha so we can destroy that fucked up cult!
by Klipper February 23, 2005
Acronym meaning "United Police States of Amerika"

Often used in place of the standard "USA" or "US", to make refference to Amerika's authoritarianism.
Last night, 2 people were arrested for banging drums, and 5 people ticketed for honking car horns at a protest. Only in the UPSA!
by Klipper August 23, 2005
One who is addicted to coffee and other caffeinated products.
Last night, I had 4 cups of Zapatista coffee. Then a piece of Jolt gum to freshen the breath. This morning, before going to work, I showered with Shower Shock caffeinated soap. On my way to work, I drank a bottle of Bawls.

I am caffoon, and this is my manifesto.
by Klipper August 23, 2005

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