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Of Arthurian legend, Mordred is the son and nephew of King Arthur. Son and nephew because King Arthur made the mistake of having sex with his own sister; therefore the general public thought Mordred was bad blood. Then Merlin, a prophet/wizard/whatever, predicted King Arthur's own son would someday kill him, so King Arthur sent 40 of his baby sons out to sea to die. Only one survived; Mordred.

Mordred was raised by a fishermother and fisherfather, then taken away by a sorceress named Nyneve to live with Mordred's mother in the Kingdom of Lothian. At age 15, Mordred went to serve as a knight to King Arthur. He was invited to the round table.

At age 27, Mordred died. Merlin's prediction was true; in the Battle of Camlann, King Arthur stabbed Mordred in the stomach, causing it to go all the way through his body. But at the last second, Mordred crushed King Arthur's head with a sword. This left Mordred dead, and King Arthur mortally wounded.

Now, in MY opinion, I think Mordred would NEVER had killed King Arthur if everyone didn't treat him as if he was a cursed child; In the book "I Am Mordred" by Nancy Springer, it explains much of this, but anyway, Mordred was shunned as, when he was little and nobody accepted him. Had not people avoided him, had not people feared him, had not King Arthur sent all his babies to die, they both would have lived and died peacefully.

I advise you to read "I Am Mordred" by Nancy Springer if you want to learn more. It's a great book.
Sir Mordred of Camelot.
by Kleptosporia April 19, 2010
Probably the best phrase to describe an insane maniac.
"Damn, that dude over there ate rotten cheese. Bitch be crazy!"
by Kleptosporia March 20, 2010
When you're starting the phrase "Go to Hell" But then some person of awesome authority that causes you to be respectful is in hearing proximity and you mention your wicked cool friend Helen from science class on how she's doing on her non-existent science project.
Douche: Shut the fuck up!
You: Go to h-
*Old Spice Guy swan dives in*
You: I mean.. Go to Helen's house to pick up our non-existent science project..
Douche: Oh, 'kay sure. Helen's a cool person.
by Kleptosporia August 02, 2010
Arthurian Legend is the typical name people use for the legends of Medieval times when King Arthur was the ruler.

King Arthur was known to be an excellent king, fair and just.

Arthurian Legend usually refers to basic Medieval stories such as the Sword in the Stone. It also involves many interesting lives of the people who lived in Camelot, Avalon, etc. such as Mordred, Lady of the Lake, Sir Lancelot, Morgan le Fay, and more. Where wizards, and sorceresses roamed the land, and where dragons existed not only in the imagination.

The Round Table is also a common reference, as is the Excalibur.

Arthurian times takes place in Medieval Britain.
I specialize in Arthurian Legend.
by Kleptosporia April 19, 2010
Nyneve has many names; commonly Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend, though the two are frequently separated as two different characters.

In my knowledge, Nyneve was the mentor, friend, and guide to Mordred when he was a child, until Nyneve died.

Pronounced "Nigh-neev"
Nyneve; physical and spiritual guide for Mordred.
by Kleptosporia April 19, 2010
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