3 definitions by Kleinophobia_of_the_Exiles

A person/persons whose attempts at achieving their goals inevitably end in failure of epic proportions, (sometimes abbreviated as $R's).

An impotent/useless individual who seeks out like-minded and similarly useless individuals with whom to associate.
"That guy trying to score the girls at the bar is a strike rascal"
"You're trying to be funny but you're actually just a strike rascal."
"Piss off and go hang with your strike rascals!"
by Kleinophobia_of_the_Exiles October 27, 2009
A person who objects to pork with deeply personal convictions.

Someone with an irrational and enduring hatred for bacon, ham and all related pig products.
Faye: "Moon, do you want some bacon with your eggs?"
Jet: "No, Moon doesn't like pork, he's a rasherist!"
by Kleinophobia_of_the_Exiles November 08, 2009
(adverb): The fear of falling out of bed
I'd love to inky with you but not on the bed, I have kleinophobia.

I karnak that you have kleinophobia, so we're sleeping in a hammock tonight!
by Kleinophobia_of_the_Exiles October 16, 2009

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