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3 definitions by Kleerly

Slightly tubby female hospitality employee, generally working in establishments to access unlimited and cheap/free cake. Usually attitude free, unlike her hungrier and thinner counterparts, who are acutely aware that their attractiveness alone will earn them enough tips, so they needn't bother with pleasantries.
"Man that overweightress that works here sure is sweet, I'm almost tempted to tip her as much as I usually give that hot angry bitch behind the counter"
by kleerly November 28, 2009
Derived as a fusion from the words "awkward" and "pork", Awky Porky is an all encompassing term that describes weird/uncomfortably/awkward moment either in the lead up to, during, or immediately after sex
"dude, we were getting it on, and everything was going great until he asked me if i had a 'wet pussy', which so gross I just totally turned off..awky porky!"

"so while we were screwing, I realized he had photos of his parents and his ex girlfriend pasted all over his walls, it made for a totally awky porky!"
by kleerly November 28, 2009
WOG, "Working On Government" wages, derived from the British acronym stenciled on shirts of laborers assigned to government projects. These laborers were often migrants, and as such the term has now become synonymous with the newly emigrated. Unfortunately, these migrants are frequently under attack for "stealing Aussie jobs", which is highly ironic given that the only "true" Aussies are the indigenous population, Aboriginals.
"That WOG, who's being paid $5 an hour to wash dishes for 12 hours straight and be treated like shit, is stealing Aussie jobs!"
by Kleerly November 28, 2009