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In the UK, Ireland and Australia, a pressie is the abbreviated form of present (as in gift).
Aww, my boyfriend just told me he has a pressie that he wants to give to me tonight. I can't wait!
by Klarissa506 December 25, 2008
"packed", "crowded" or "jam packed". Used mainly in Ireland.
The train this morning was totally jammers! I think I'm going to walk to work from now on...
by Klarissa506 January 14, 2009
The ring is a description for having diarrhea. It derives from the ring of fire, which means the same.
I got the ring from all the spicy food I ate. Hurts like shit!
by Klarissa506 January 07, 2009
The pair of pants you keep in the back of your closet even though the last time you fit into them was when you were 16 in the hope that you will one day be able to button them up again.
I'm happy to give all the clothes on this pile to charity. Except for these pants, they are my motivation pants!
by Klarissa506 September 23, 2009
"fall-through" simply means diarrhea. The word derives from the German word "Durchfall" of which the literal translation is fall-through.
OMG, I have this terrible fall-through. I hope that's over before we board the plane. This is really embarrassing man!
by Klarissa506 January 07, 2009
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