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Ku Klux Klan - A christian, all white brotherhood that upholds ideals of racial purity, fights for white rights, and clearing the path away from the nonsense known as 'White Guilt'. Also known as the KKK, the Klan should not be confused with other white supremacist groups such as The National Socialist Movement, 'Nazis' or other skin affilitated groups who are mostly Anti-American/Government. The most notable things accomplished by the KKK is political power and cultural preservation. Interestingly enough, anyone who has thought of having to learn spanish to get a job and has protested about it has pushed into the same cultural preservation threats percieved by early Klansmen.
Ku Klux Klan comes from the old meaning of Kyklos or a circle without end. The original "Jolly Six" adapted the word into Ku Klux and added Klan to make it roll off the tounge easier.
by Klansman336 October 16, 2008

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