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B-Rich is a phrase commonly used in Long Island, New York, signifying those who "keep it real" "fresh" or "gully-gully."
Barrington Davis Jr, rolling with a soft pencil, was B-Riching it.
by Klamer October 19, 2006
Upon being metaphorically kicked in the crotch by a woman, one adopts this attitude to "keep on keeping on."
Brichism is the approach I adopted after my girlfriend dumped me after I gave her a Roman War Helmet.
by Klamer October 19, 2006
When once is rolling with a soft pencil, they have a limp penis in a clutch situation and often suffer from erectile dysfunction or an orgasm that lasts a maximum of three seconds.
Did you hear what Jane said? She told me Jimmy's rolling with a soft pencil.
by Klamer October 19, 2006

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