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Coined by Jayne Cobb in the TV series Firefly, and said throughout one episode when he felt aroused by the ship's resident Companion and her female client.
"I'll be in my bunk"
by Klamath November 18, 2006
An over-the-counter hangover remedy, such as Alka Seltzer. Named due to its effervescence, and from the saying associated with it.
"Fizzy good make feel nice"
by Klamath November 18, 2006
A term referring to Oxford, Cambridge and Durham universities made up by Durham rah students to further inflate their sense of worth by associating themselves with and embarrassing the two ancient, far superior universities.
"We're going to win the Doxbridge championship, rah rah!"
by Klamath May 07, 2009
A general exclamation of shock or anger.
"Boobie bagels, I scratched my car!"
by Klamath November 17, 2007
The act of shooting yourself in the mouth.
"He Dutch capped himself, blew the back of his head clean off."
by Klamath May 21, 2006

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