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To chow down on large amounts of big, hot, shit.
Sir Jerald looked over to Lady Penelope and gave her a sly wink. "You're really going to love this next course," he said in a hushed whisper full of promise. The servent bought a steaming dinner plate to the table and lifted the silver cover. Lady Penelope's eyes lit up with delight and she blushed furiously at Sir Jerald. "My favourite!" she exclaimed and cut deeply into the big fat pile of shit that had oozed out of Geralds asshole not half an hour ago.
by Kkussler June 29, 2003
The perverts most sought after posession.
Messes up kid: Yeah man *sniff* I had to have them panties..So I waited to after dark and busted over the fence and grabbed those mofos!
School councillor: Hmmm i see, Timmy. Very disturbing. I noted the woman who owned the panties was over 30 tho..did they smell as warm and funkey as a 16 year olds?
by Kkussler June 28, 2003

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