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The state of mind someone gets vacationing in Amsterdam.
We visited many 'Coffee Houses' while in Amsterdam that the entire time we were Hollandaze Sauced.
by Kj Nay January 05, 2012
The time spent between jobs or when furloughed for an extended period. no = nay , nay + vacation = naycation.
When Kevin was indefinitely laid off in 2009, he spent his naycation going back to college to earn a degree.
by Kj Nay January 13, 2012
suspicious + fishy + suspishy
so questionable that it stnks
"Gee, there's something suspishy about this sushi."
by Kj Nay October 27, 2011
The Day all women worldwide have their period on the same day
The Menstrual Equinox will be the death of all Man kind
by Kj Nay November 02, 2011
pronounced hoo-tle

the remaining members of the WHO and BEATLES join their songs with a common word to preform songs together.
can also be used with other bands.
To Whotle the songs 'I Dig a Pony' and 'My Generation'
"Well I, I, I, I, Dig what we S, S, S, Say."
by Kj Nay October 27, 2011
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