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2 definitions by Kizra

Elaya is a female name that ranked #3496 in popularity in 2012 in the US; which is as far its highest peak.

Can also be defined as a common username choice for Dutch men prone to raging online.
Person 1: I heard he's called Elaya online, dat rage monster.
Person 2: lol
by Kizra July 13, 2012
An online gametag or username used by usually males of dark hair and pale skin. Usually take on the online persona of being aloof and arrogant, but are usually funny and considerate when talking out of game. However, are usually hated by RP communities.
Person 1: Hey dude, so you're named after that companion girl from SW:ToR?
Mako: No.
by Kizra July 13, 2012