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A Burger joint that started in the east coast and is slowly spreading acroos the U.S.

The name is kinda vauge And is popular due to "word of mouth" and not so much advertising.

While the burgers are delicious and the best one around for a fast food resturant, don't be surprised if you buy two double cheeseburgers and two small fries and two drinks and end of paying $20.00 or more. The burgers themselves are around $5.00 each and it is not fancy at all for the fries are dumped in your bag (hence the trademark greased up bag).

But maybe the the sight of watching your burger cooked in front of you with no walls blocking the cook, having more than 15 choices of toppings for your burger and no limits,a free access of peanuts while waiting for your meal,and the feeling of tearing open your bag to access the fries are kinda worth it.

Still not so much for an every week treat.Maybe every two/three weeks.
Person #1: "Lets go to five guys I'm dying for a good burger."

Person#2 :"sure."

*pay for order*

Person #2:" Damn! $20.00 for two meals! I could have gone to mcdonald's},wendy's,or burger king and gotten a buffet from the dollar menu!!

Person #1: " just try the burger and say that again"

Person #2: Wow.....This was worth it ......

Person #1: That's what I thought.
by Kiwipancakes June 22, 2010
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