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This is a nickname that is associated with a man that you previously viewed as a lame but his sex blows your mind.

A man who is SURPRISINGLY EXCEPTIONAL in a sexual capacity.
Girl, I wish I hadn't ignored Kevin for so long; he got me calling him Dickem.

I can't go out with ya'll tonight, my Dickem is coming over!
#lame #bum #dickum #freak #blowout
by Kiwidababygenius August 15, 2008
A term used to describe great sex.
The term is derived from the phrases "he blew my back out" or "I blew her back out" when describing great sex to others.
Girl, I had a blowout last night! He let me have it!

Imma go ova der and give her a blowout!
#dickem #dickum #bleezy #do-me #lame
by Kiwidababygenius August 15, 2008
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