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A racist term for a New Zealander of caucasian descent.
Language: Maori
Exact origins of the word are unknown, but in the 1800's to early 1900's its common meaning was 'different', whereas the word Maori meant "same" or "normal" because Maori people had no specific word to describe a National identity, as they were separate tribes and whanaus around the country.

Properly spelled as Pākehā, but the accents are more commonly left off.
"I'm not Pakeha, I'm a New Zealander".

Segregation in New Zealand is coming from calling some people Pakeha and others Maori depending entirely on the colour of their skin.

All Maori have some 'Pakeha' ancestry.
#white #new zealand european #caucasian #white pig #white devil #pākehā
by kiwiasbro July 27, 2010
Quietly Sexual
"Liam is a strange one.."
"I know right!"

"You know that chick Emma? Bro she's so quietly sexual"
#quiet #liam #emma #brittany #special
by KiwiASBro May 28, 2012
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