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A new punk rock/alternative with a great fresh sound and expect to see more of them.
My favorite band is MCS.
by Kiwi Pomerleau March 06, 2005
A comment one says in order to express the disapproval of sexual acts in the presence of others. Poking fun at lovers doings sexual acts in public.
"Dude, Ben and Misty are all over eachother. They should get a room."
by Kiwi Pomerleau May 29, 2004
During doggy style, the male pretends to ejaculate by spitting onto the girls back, so she turns around thinking the sex is done, and gets an unexpected load in the face. Also known as the Philly Fake-out
Yea, Samantha was being a bitch last night during sex, so I gave her the Harry Houdini
by Kiwi Pomerleau March 06, 2005
To take the blame, to get the punishment for something.
Timmy: Hey, whats the answer for number 4?
Teacher: Jimmy! No talking!
Jimmy: Srry
by Kiwi Pomerleau June 03, 2004
An ass, a meanie, a general negative term, often used with friends.
Bill: Hey can I have some of that pizza?
Will: No get away!
Bill: Don't be such a dick socket
by Kiwi Pomerleau June 02, 2004
1.Slang for a fat vagina.

2. Substitution for fag
Check out that 700 pound chick. I bet she has a massive fajetti.

Dude, look at that fajetti.
by Kiwi Pomerleau March 05, 2005
Reference to a vagina that has very saggy lips that are comparable to beef, and curtains, hence the name beef curtains. Often occurs after a lot of sex.
A porn star likely has beef curtains.
by Kiwi Pomerleau June 02, 2004
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