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British slang term given to the twenty pound note. Taken from "Land of Hope and Glory", the composer of which, Sir Edward Elgar, is depicted on the back of the note. Also, since it is worth a lot of honk, gives the owner 'hope and glory'.
What's that you've got there in your paddle? A hope and glory?! You're giving a hope and glory for that service?
by Kiwi Peeps January 28, 2011
Slang term, means "everything is good", and results in the end of conversation on the particular topic
I know you didn't know it was my sister man, so I'm gonna let it slide this time, but don't ever let me catch you in that position again! Do you hear me?", "Yeah, OK man, sorry.", "Prospect. You catch the snooker the other night?
by Kiwi Peeps January 28, 2011

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