26 definitions by Kiwi

It is When your dick is hard and you tie some sort of string to your penis and wiggle it about like you are walking a dog.
Hey you guys, leave me lone im walking the dog!
by kiwi May 07, 2004
When something happens that is great or good
jack: ok then its sorted
greg: dominant
by KIWI April 12, 2005
Complete bullshit, seeing normal cows go 'm00'.
A normal cow: "m00"
A fucked up cow: "moo"
by Kiwi September 13, 2003
this is where you take your penis and roll it into a ball and tighten it up with a rubberband until it bursts like an ultimate orgasm.
Girl: You wanna fuck?
Guy: No, i just pulled off the move penis ball!!!
by kiwi May 07, 2004
A panda loving loser whos catch phrases include:
"Holy-Moley Cow, I dun't belief."
"The Fuk?"
"Fuk u"
"Gotta Shit. Fartin, *Fart*"
Thien also goes by the name F.A.G. (Funny Asian Guy)
He likes his girls hefty and ugly and loves his boyfriend Billy.
That's going a little to Thien for me.

Thien is the F.A.G.
by Kiwi December 23, 2003
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