26 definitions by Kiwi

1. a mix of elevation and altitude, found in the mountains
The altivation made Chrissy sick when her family took a trip to the mountains.
by kiwi December 05, 2004
Floored, wasted, schnoked, hammered, drunk, fucked up, sloshed, pissed, woozy, crosseyed, paste, noodled, huggin the porcelain toilet get it?
Holy shit I am SHIBAZZED. \
( what one would say after 8 shots of Goldschlager)
by Kiwi April 26, 2004
a gay ass character name by beau came up with for a children's book when he was high with one of his friends.
Snigglesnort -----no comment
by Kiwi April 26, 2004
The way to say " pussy " in girlie terms cause it sounds gross.
Her cameltoe is so bad I can see her Poossay.
by Kiwi April 26, 2004
It is when your girl is acting up and you use this to lower her self esteem
Man, you broad is fuckin gay, Talk Bout Bitch!!!
by kiwi May 07, 2004
To have anal intercourse, derived from the term "don't drop the soap"
Guy: Hey, you wanna drop the soap?
Girl: Oh yeah, lets get it on
by Kiwi December 10, 2003
Your junk boys!
That boi's hoo hoo dilly is like wham bam slam with the peanut butter jelly and jam.
by Kiwi April 26, 2004

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