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Refers to the overly red color of a corpse's lips due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Often implies that the person in question committed suicide by allowing his or her car to fill with exhuast.
Man, Marilyn went the way of cherry lips. Poor thing, I never knew she was considering it.
by KittyxKat December 13, 2007
A southern term used to describe a girl or woman who is the absolute shiz. As part of this shiz-ness, she is able to perform traditionally masculine tasks in such a way that renders her not butch but rather cool. She can be one of the boys and she can be a girly-girl princess, depending on her mood. This girl gets shit done. Needless to say, it is complimentary.
Dude, look at her chug beer. The girl's a hoss.

Woah, Sheila got the entire board to change their policy and vote her way. What a hoss!
by KittyxKat September 07, 2008

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