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When you can see another person has the potential to be fit from someone else's point of view, but you personally do not think that they are fit.
"OMG he is soooo fit!"
"Not my type, but he has fitness potential."
by Kittykat March 31, 2005
just like fucko, only you can say this one in front of parents and in public.
"hey, dongo..."
by kittykat June 13, 2004
an attention whore is someone in ssm who usually has a stock vehicle and is looking for some "on the side" action with anyone they can find.. someone who feels the need to have all the attention...
damn that bitch is such an attention whore
by kittykat June 07, 2004
a new sandwich at arby's. availabe for only a limited time!
For the low-carb dieters, arby's is now offering the hot beef injection. no buns, all meat.
by kittykat June 13, 2004
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