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a popular snack indigenous to the canibal tribes of Harlem, Detroit, and Compton
Ugh! We're definitely in the ghetto, now. That guy is eating nigglet on a stick!
by Kitty Fister September 04, 2005
anything shown on BET, UPN, or WB networks
Wife: "What's on the tv?

Me: "Nothing but reality shows and unintelligable niggertainment."
by Kitty Fister September 04, 2005
Expression of suprise.

Same as Nigga-Please! but for wiggers

When yo homie axe's y'all some-some, and ya'll were obviously finna do it, y'all step up wit "Wigga-Please!" to show that ya'll keepin it real up in Wichita, yo.
Craig: "Dayum, son. Y'all betta represent!"
Chad: "Wigga-Please! Sioux Falls be up in this biotch!"
Craig: "Fo shizzle, my wizzle."
by Kitty Fister September 04, 2005
Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit
Fred Durst is King Wigger.
by kitty fister November 29, 2005

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