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a person who steals the lunches of others from the work fridge or lunch room.
Worker1: Where's my egg salad?!
Worker2: I saw Larry eating it before...
Worker1: Damn that little hamburglar
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
1) A skank.
2) A person who drinks a lot of pepsi.
3) Lower middle class female youth wearing revealing clothing even though she's fat and ugly.
Hey there pepsi princess! You're the pepsiest girl in town!
-Allan Wicker from his 1990 hit song Pepsi Princess
by Kittridge August 22, 2008
When a woman has sexual intercourse with a man, she is being baked in the cake. Used often as a derogatory statement by lesbians or gays to describe this act.
Careful girls don't be late some of us already getting baked in the cake!
-Sarah "Jessica" Parker in the broadway musical Sex and the City
by Kittridge August 22, 2008

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