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The sensation of feeling like you want to yawn. Horny for a yawn.

Often aroused by people talking about or reading about yawning or witnessing another person yawning. May also be aroused by lack of sleep or boredom.
Man: me so yawny!
by kittridge October 14, 2009
Displaying, talking about or otherwise drawing attention to one's vagina in an attempt to get others to interact with it.
Vagvertise here
by kittridge November 25, 2008
Aesthetically displeasing. Ugly.
Heavens! Turn off the TV Roger, I cannot bear to look at Vanessa Williams' disthetic face any longer! I don't have acne anyway!
by Kittridge April 09, 2008
Something of a very high calibre. Fit for a King!
Damn, that Tortoise concert was the king's biscuits!
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
The failure of conversation to continue after breaking the ice. All parties resume ignoring each other and don't talk.

CAUTION: attempts to re-break the ice are extremely hazardous and should only be attempted by professionals!
I sat next to that hot guy in psych and introduced myself. I got his name but then we had a refreeze.
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
Reactionary behaviour by leaders of organisations adopting someone else's policies or positions in order to piggyback on its popularity or success.

Politicians are most guilty of this. Similar to me-tooism.

Coined by John Clark on the 7.30 report February 2008.
Man: I can't believe the opposition supports those tax cuts, they're graduating from the followship academy
by Kittridge February 25, 2008
When 2 cars in different lanes both switch into their counterpart's lane at the same time.

eg: Car A moves from the left lane into the right lane. At precisely the same time Car B moves from the right lane into the left lane.

Commonly the cars involved in the lane exchange are in close proximity (1-3 cars apart) however an exchange can take place over greater distance without either party being aware of it.
The lane exchange is Mother Nature's way of returning traffic pressure to equilibrium.
by kittridge August 28, 2008

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