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Glasgow Eyeball: (Verb) To look at someone antagonistically, with malice/rage inciting or leading up to a fist fight.

A look that is a threat of physical violence.

Similar to the stinkeye.
Motherfucker was messin up my shit all night, I gave him the Glasgow eyeball, I was ready to go!
by Kittridge February 25, 2008
A person with extensive knowledge in many areas, or with a formidable collection of general knowledge. An expert in many fields. One who seems to know everything.
Dr. Barry Jones is an omnologist
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
Theftpos is the ridiculous practice observed by many businesses that requires a minimum purchase (usually ten or twenty dollars) before you can pay via eftpos.

Theftpos can also refer to any additional charge or surcharge levelled at a customer for using eftpos.

Although theftpos is referred to by the merchant as a "store policy" it is in fact a price gouge applied to people born after 1930 who don't carry cash with them everywhere.
Theftpos at work:

cashier: that'll be thirty cents.
customer: can I eftpos that?
cashier: no, the minimum purchase is twenty dollars.
customer: ...are you serious?
cashier: yes, it's store policy.
customer: god dammit, I should be able to buy gum on eftpos! This is America!
cashier: no, it's Australia
by kittridge January 22, 2011
Someone who sucks wireless internet access off someone else's LAN. An internet freeloader.
My download limit reached already? Hmmmm...I think we have a Lanpire in our midststsstssssssssss
by kittridge November 25, 2008
1) To be deployed to another country for military service. Usually as a result of forced conscription eg: WW2, Vietnam. More recently it can be due to poverty and/or stupidity eg: Iraq, Afghanistan.

2) To be detained and moved to another country by the Government in order to be tortured. Also known as extraordinary rendition.
Take a Government Vacation and you may never come back.

David Hicks enjoyed a 5 year Government Vacation in Cuba.
by kittridge August 28, 2008
a person who steals the lunches of others from the work fridge or lunch room.
Worker1: Where's my egg salad?!
Worker2: I saw Larry eating it before...
Worker1: Damn that little hamburglar
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
A thoroughly unsatisfactory lecture.
I got out of bed at 1pm for this? What a fucking lecturd!
by Kittridge February 29, 2008

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