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1 definition by Kittie Kontagious

Scene is a fashion sence that many people make fun of because it was derrived from the emo culture.

We in fact are NOT NOT NOTTT emo, at all, but beauty whores who enjoy having their hair cut in a certain fashion and like dressing a certain way like straight legged jeans, band tshirts, etc. Also we love the idea of body piercings and tattoos. Alot of scene kids have their lip pierced. Also, they refer to themselves as "hard core" also shown as the symbol "HxC".

Many scene girls me being one love putting bows in their hair and love wearing big sunglasses. Also a popular thing with scene girls is to wear cute "baby doll" tops with cute prints such as cupcakes, cherries, etc. Many scene girls I have seen seem to like the horizontal "racoon" stripes in parts of thier hair. Also, fake eyelashes are a big thing.

Scene boys on the other hand have the emo boy hair cut, with more flair, and most are either gay or bi because no straight guy is obsessed with fashion that much. As far as what they seem to wear, i have seen many with band t's or hoodies. Oh, and tight jeans with plenty of makeup such as eyeliner, eye shadow, fake eye lashes, etc.
Jeffree Star is the best example of a true scene kid even tho he may not say so.
by Kittie Kontagious August 05, 2007
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