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Canada's largest city and Ontario's provincial capital, located right on Lake Ontario. Judging by the other definitions, there are very divided opinions about it. As someone who has lived here all their life, I can honestly say that, while it certainly has its bad points, it has its good points as well.

Bad points: - Often dirty and polluted

- Hot, smoggy Summers and sometimes snowless Winters

- A pretty mediocre subway system

- Some very ugly architecture

- Has an idiot for a mayor (see Rob Ford)

- Parts of the lakefront are gross and smelly

Good points: - Multicultural

- A pretty good art, theatre and film scene

- Some very nice Victorian-style architecture downtown

- Several great restaurants and stores

- Many parks and gardens

- Parts of the lakefront are beautiful and pristine (eg. Scarborough Bluffs)

- Some very nice nature walks, hikes and canoeing in and around the city
Love it or hate it, Toronto has its pros and cons.
by KittenFace January 13, 2013
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