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A baby cat. When newborn, it has its eyes closed until the 10th day. Like humans, they can't walk at first. Later in the kitten stage, they'll need to loose they're teeth. That's when they bite alot. And you'll see little fangs around the house. Kittens can be one extreme to the other. They can be spastic to loving! And to the complement, they are small and adorable!
My kitten curled up in my lap.
by Kitten Lover August 03, 2009
A TV show, video game, and card game. Other Pokèmon things can also be action figure like games.The first video games were Red, Blue, and Yellow. Yellow had a Pikachu following you throughout the game unless you took it out of your party. Later they made Chrystal, Gold, and Silver. Chrystal was made after Gold and Silver and was special because the Pokèmon would move when first seen in battle, you could play as a girl, and Suicune was not running around the reigon of Johto, but stayed in battle allowing you to catch it easier. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were made on Game Boy, when the older ones were for Game Boy Color. It also hade more Pokèmon added. After that a remake of Red and Blue was made, called Leaf Green and Fire Red. Pokèmon Green was in Japan and Pokèmon Blue was in the U.S during the first games.Then things were made for the new DS, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Another set of Pokèmon was added to the Pokèdex for these games. You could obtain a Pokèradar after defeating the Elite 4 including the champion so you could get more Pokèmon that you couldn't get before, mainly for the Pokèmon from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.A remake of Gold and Silver is coming to the U.S., alreading in Japan for the DS. One of the things in it is allowing you to choose whatever Pokèmon you have to follow you around (Of course you change it, it has to be in your party).
My favorite DS game is Pokèmon Platinum.
by Kitten Lover April 06, 2010
A female thing that could be animal, insect, or human. A mother is the one who gives birth to a baby. Usually the one who takes care of the baby, but it matters what they are or if the mother wants the baby. Basicly if insect (commonly) they leave the egg there. Basicly overall, the mother usually the loving person who tends they're childeren and gives them love!
My mother took care of me since birth.
by Kitten Lover August 03, 2009
A family is a group of people who are related. A
woman loves a man, they have childeren. A parent is either a man or woman who have childeren. The woman and man have parents of their own. To the the children, they are grandparents. The grandparents' parents to the children are called great grandparents. Then to great great parents, and so on.

The man and womans' siblings to the kids are aunt and uncle. The uncle is the brother of the mand and woman. And the aunt is the sister. The parents' aunt and uncles to the kids are great aunt and uncle.

A brother and sister is the childeren of a man and woman. The girl is the sister. The boy is the brother.

Most families love eachother. Some families can have parents that get divorced and makes the family complicated. The father may take one kid, the mother might take the other. Or one could take both.
My family is sweet and loving to me.
by Kitten Lover April 05, 2010
Ruler has to definitions:

1; Someone who rules others, like aking, queen, prince, government, ect

2; A flat stick that is used for measuring commonly in cms and inches.
Mrs. Lolleio told us to measure our hand length with our brand new ruler. (s)
by Kitten Lover October 12, 2009

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