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a young man from Cornwall who abuses one Spanish word
que? I'm from Cornwall. I learn from a book.
by kitten March 14, 2005
when a little girl dresses up like a slut.. even more soo. if its under her fathers guidence
the opposite of britney spears.. shes a slut (not really suposably shes waiting to get married or something) who dresses up as a little girl
by Kitten November 15, 2003
Male sexual magnet from the south west.
that Betty is soooo lush ...
by kitten November 29, 2004
Closely related to the word Heisendate.

The effect created between two people who were dating when one issues the terms of "needing some space" or "being on a break".

The word is a combination of Heisenberg, the scientist famous for his Uncertainty Principle, and the word dumped.
I don't know if I am single or not. I had a boyfriend but the other night he Heisendumped me.
by Kitten March 16, 2005
two faced. sexy guy who will make u scream in pleasure one day. asshole who will make u scream in rage the next. looks like a penguin when he wears a tux
fuck me justin
fuck you justin
by kitten February 02, 2005
noise a chihuahua makes when running around
the chihuahua was going dooda loo da doo
by kitten January 04, 2004
The awsome <3
She's always nice to everyone
Peenut > you
OMG! Peenut complimented me! I'm never going to erase this quote!
by Kitten September 13, 2004

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