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18 definitions by Kitten

a young man from Cornwall who abuses one Spanish word
que? I'm from Cornwall. I learn from a book.
by kitten March 14, 2005
4 3
when a little girl dresses up like a slut.. even more soo. if its under her fathers guidence
the opposite of britney spears.. shes a slut (not really suposably shes waiting to get married or something) who dresses up as a little girl
by Kitten November 15, 2003
9 8
Male sexual magnet from the south west.
that Betty is soooo lush ...
by kitten November 29, 2004
4 5
Closely related to the word Heisendate.

The effect created between two people who were dating when one issues the terms of "needing some space" or "being on a break".

The word is a combination of Heisenberg, the scientist famous for his Uncertainty Principle, and the word dumped.
I don't know if I am single or not. I had a boyfriend but the other night he Heisendumped me.
by Kitten March 16, 2005
2 4
noise a chihuahua makes when running around
the chihuahua was going dooda loo da doo
by kitten January 04, 2004
6 11
two faced. sexy guy who will make u scream in pleasure one day. asshole who will make u scream in rage the next. looks like a penguin when he wears a tux
fuck me justin
fuck you justin
by kitten February 02, 2005
15 21
The awsome <3
She's always nice to everyone
Peenut > you
OMG! Peenut complimented me! I'm never going to erase this quote!
by Kitten September 13, 2004
5 13