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1. A possible pairing in the Bleach universe with Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime. Often at odds with IchiRuki shippers, particularly due to a tiny number of fans on both sides attacking characters involved in the other ship. The small minority of such shippers on the IchiRuki side are at times so vocal about their dislike of IchiOri (and often Orihime herself) that they have given something of a bad reputation to the rest of the otherwise-sane IchiRuki fandom.

IchiOri is also known as IchiInou, or more commonly Ichihime. It is the only pairing with a love confession as of yet, although this was done while one character was invisible and the other was asleep. Fans will often cite that scene, known as the "Five Lifetimes" speech, among others as evidence in support of this pairing.

Support for this pairing has steadily grown alongside of Orihime's role since the end of the Soul Society Arc, as her crush developed into something far deeper.

Other than the "Five Lifetimes" speech, another particularly well-loved (among the IchiOri fandom, at least) scene took place during the fight against Grimmjow, where Orihime was shown triumphing over the mental scars left when her brother had Hollowfied, in order to beg Ichigo not to get hurt anymore. Her cheering him on, when previously she had been unable to meet his gaze while he wore the mask, gave him enough of a confidence boost to turn the tide of the fight.
Tanabata certainly brings a lot of IchiOri fans together, doesn't it?

That last chapter had an adorable IchiOri moment.

Did you read that IchiOri fanfiction?

by Kitsuru February 24, 2009

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