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A generally overpriced clothing store that sells shirts so thin you can spit through them as well as jeans that are so ripped they look like they could have come out of a dumpster.

If you shop there and weigh over 110 pounds, people will look at you like you're a pudgy freak and you'll develop such a severe eating disorder that you'll end up weighing around sixty five pounds - but hey, you'll look "good."

This store has spawned such abominations as Hollister and "abercrombie" - the kiddie store that sells little lacy thongs for your ten-year-old sister. So cute!

Generally, the guys and chicks that shop there are little trend-followers that will hook onto a style and suckle it until it's as dry as a bone, then move on to the next pathetic trend. They claim A&F has "quality" no other store has, but this is untrue. It is entirely possible to get a nice pair of jeans for, say, thirty dollars, and - here's a novel idea - RIP THEM YOURSELF. Those that shop there often also have an "I'm so much higher-up than you because I can shop as some WASP-y store!" attitude, usually unfounded, as most of those who chose not to shop there are trying not to conform to a cult that will date their closet to "I SHOPPED IN THE 2000s!" Those who shop at stores such as A&F and Hollister are screaming inwardly, "I'm a walking billboard for a fucking clothing store! Go me!" and are generally the poster human beings for birth control.

Not to mention the amount of perfume and cologne sprayed in the air there is enough to send anyone with allergies who shops there into apocalyptic shock, and the clothes you buy there come out smelling like you just got spilled into a dunk-tank full of skunk fumes.

In conclusion, those who shop at Abercrombie & Fitch are dated, smelly billboards. What are you gonna do about it - pop your collar at me?
Abercrombie & Fitch: Dated, nasty-smelling, walking billboard, collar-popping sons of bitches.
by KitsuneMinto August 10, 2007

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