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A country that you should give a chance to before making any snide comments about it.

Despite being a tiny 647km island surrounded by water, and despite all the negativity for its reputation of having too many restrictions, Singapore is actually a stable and safe country with great food and harmonious people.

If you don't care too much about politics, and would like to live in a place where jogging on the street at 4am is actually plausible without you getting mobbed, Singapore is a great choice to consider.
If you travel across the causeway from Malaysia and suddenly find yourself on spotlessly clean streets, then, welcome to Singapore.
by Kitera October 23, 2007
A mesh of two names, specifically, Lilly and Oliver, to denote the shipping of the two sidekicks of Disney's hit tv series, Hannah Montana. A term that is frequently used each time Lilly and Oliver interact with each other on the show.

Loliver was chosen as the name for the shipping of Lillian Truscott and Oliver Oken, either for their friendship or the plausible blossoming love relationship between the two characters. A hot favorite amongst fans who would like to see attraction blossoming between the two bestfriends (and former preschool crushers), Loliver constantly gives fans something to look for when they watch the Hannah Montana show.

Loliver also has their own fansite to unite the lovers of this duo, which can be found at Loliver.2ya.com.
Lilly putting her head on Oliver's shoulder resulted in a small smile by Oliver. Now that's a Loliver moment, I tell ya.
by Kitera October 23, 2007

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