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3 definitions by Kite Ryagara

A bastard that got me banned on gamefaqs because I pissed him off in a role-play session.
"MythicKnight is a friggin' bastard! I got banned because he got pissed during our role-play session!"
by Kite Ryagara March 30, 2005
An overly cocky asshat. MK is an abbreviation, which is most commonly used. Originated from an internet user's name who was such an overly cocky asshat that his name started to become an insult on the site he went to.
Man, that man is such an MK!
by Kite Ryagara March 27, 2005
My Thick Night. Nickname given to MythicKnight in order to piss him off.
Y halo thar My Thick Night! Lolol!
by Kite Ryagara March 30, 2005