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a. (P nee we nee)A word that defines a very small penis. A penis that is so small you can't buy condom's for it, and you have to resort to a sandwich baggie. b. What is referred to as 'it'when your girlfriend needs to ask "is it in?" c. Usually found on men named 'Tom', 'Chad', 'Brian', or 'Jeff'. d. A man's appliance that is so small you can't see it when your peeing. e. The size of the man's appliance when he needs 'extenze'. f. When your cock is smaller than your belly, you know you have a pene wene! g. The size of your wene when you can't make your wife or girlfriend cum, or orgasm. h. when your penis is smaller than a hot dog. i. What men with big cocks talk about after the other guy leaves the bathroom. "God, did you see his pene wene??"j. What you have when you are born. k. When your cock stays the same size through adulthood. L. When there isn't a bulge in the guy's pants, he must have a pene wene. M. When a frog has a bigger one than you, you have a pene wene!
1. "Boy, that man has a REAL pene wene! "

2. "OMG that is such a pene wene!"
3. "The guy I was dating, he had such a pene wene that

I left him."
4. " it was smaller than even small! it was a pene wene!"
5. The smallest cock you can imagine is a pene wene.
by Kit Katt73 March 14, 2010

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