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1. Used by friends to define the new guy
2. Girls use this term to define each others new boyfriends because girl is a slut
3. A boy who is easily forgotten
1. George, get whats his face
2. Mary that whore is going out with whats his face
3. Hey! Its whats his face
by KissuKiruAi March 13, 2005
1. A flying hug, a friendly sort of way with in two friends to show that they love each other
2. To smack upside the head lovingly, not to hurt the person, but to cause laughter between the two.
3. To tackle for sexual feeling for a person, fan girls do this.
1. They glomped eachother and then rolled down the hill
2. She glomped me and we laughed
3. The fan girl jumped on my, knocking me to the ground! 0.o
by KissuKiruAi March 13, 2005

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