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5 definitions by Kissifur

In Association Football, a striker who simply cannot score a goal to save his life
Fuck me, James Beattie couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo
by Kissifur July 21, 2006
A ne'er do well, a benefit cheat who drinks and bets all day
Look, there goes Pig Willie, off to the bookies again
by Kissifur July 19, 2006
The overwhelming odour eminating from a rather unwashed vagina.
Firkin' hell, Im glad I didnt go down on her, the trench stench was foul
by Kissifur August 20, 2006
Quite simply, an ex wife
Jesus Dawn, you're a right fucking freakbitch
by Kissifur July 18, 2006
A freak who is freakier than your average freak, a right cunt
You fucking freakwah, I'll stab you to death
by Kissifur July 17, 2006