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Anoop is a contestant on American Idol Season 8 who is more commonly known as Anoop Dogg, Noop Dogg, and various other forms of this name. The nickname came about when Simon mispronounced his name and Anoop corrected him, adding "Randy, you can call me 'Noop Dawg!" It is a play on the rapper Snoop Dogg's name.

Other random facts:
*Simon claimed that he looked like he should be meeting with Bill Gates.
*He goes to UNC Chapel Hill
*He wrote an essay about barbeque.
*He sang "Thank You" by Boyz II Men at his audition
*The judges gave him 4 yeses
*He made it through Hollywood and into the Top 36
----Anoop Desai's Audition----
Simon: Anoopy?
Anoop: Anoop! Like, Randy, you can call me Noop Dogg!
Randy: Noop Dogg, aiight, man.
by Kissestotheheart February 12, 2009
Also known as Obsessive David Archuleta Disorder, ODD, and ODAD, it is the disorder many contract once hearing American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta sing. Symptons include but are not limited to:

*Constantly checking fansites for news about David, especially FanBlast and Fans Of David.
*Excessive screaming at the sight, sound, or (in severe cases) thought of David.
*A multitude of posters in your room and/or pictures of David on your computer.

See the complete list of symptons at DavidArchuletaFanBlast.com (there are 81 known characteristics, at last count).

One must experience symptons of ODD for at least 21 days before he or she is officially diagnosed.

There is no cure so far. However, no one wants to be cured of it, so research for a remedy has not begun.

NOTE: ODD is most common in females, but can also be found in males.
Girl: Doctor, I'm scared! I think I might be really sick!
Doctor: Why, what's wrong?
Girl: I can't stop thinking about David Archuleta! Everything reminds me of him! I even ate lettuce for lunch, and I usually hate lettuce!
Doctor: How long have you been experiencing these symptons?
Girl: For at least a month.
Doctor: Ah, I see. There's nothing to worry about. You just have Obsessive David Disorder.
Girl: Oh. YAY! XD
by Kissestotheheart February 12, 2009

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