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A website where you can text chat or video chat with another stranger. You can find a wide variety of horny men, sluts, whores, man whores, and crackheads. Occasionally you will come across horny men who ask you to show them your thong, your ass, your boobs, and your whole naked body and you will win a "special prize" at the end.
Most times you will run into a man waving his dick around the camera, but very rarely you will run into a man waving his dick around, and then it explodes with cum.
Whore on omegle: *shows boobs*
Horny guy: Oohhhhhh yeah, now do a full strip for me.
Whore on omegle: Mmmmm, sure, hun.
Horny guy: yum yum.
by KissMyAss99 February 18, 2011
A woman or girl who gets together with a guy and then breaks up a week or a month later. You can find people like this in 6th grade, who are destined to grow up and be whores.
Boyfriend Whore: I'm going out with Nick!
Week later...
Boyfriend whore: Now I'm going out with Dylan!
24 hours later...
Boyfriend whore: *sob*, I'M SO DESPERATE!
Next day...
Boyfriend whore: omfg! i looooove you Adam!!
6 minutes later...
Boyfriend whore: *SOB SOB SOB* I NEED A GUY!
by KissMyAss99 February 18, 2011
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