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It's a New York expression. When you are OK, when you do not need any further explanation, or when someone tries to make you shut up, they say "You Good Money". meaning everything is OK.
Guy 1: Yo.. I didnt tell her that yo...

Guy 2: Aight, You Good Money, B.
by Kishamela October 07, 2008
A walk performed by a very attractive woman. Very sexy way of walking. Usually in heels.
"She talk kinda clean and walk kinda mean.." Lil Wayne

"She walking like she got cameras on her. Look at that mean walk!"
by Kishamela October 08, 2008
"Girls Raised In The South"

Popularized by Mike Jones.
Guy 1 : Damn look at the ghetto booty on her!
Guy 2 : Yeah She got cakes, cause she is a Grits
by kishamela October 07, 2008
Pussy Ass Nigga. Popularized by T.I in his new album, Paper Trail.
"Yall PANs!!!!"

"Bitch you'z a PAN"
by Kishamela October 08, 2008

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