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3 definitions by Kisaki Kattakuzai

1) The source of all evil
2) Watered-down Coke-flavored lube

Note that Coke is better than Pepsi, and that the only way one could get the flavor of Pepsi would be to water down Coke-flavored lube and bottle it.
1) OH SHIT, I had to buy a Pepsi and now my life is cursed by the carbonated drink gods!!
2) Ugh, this Coke imitation drink tastes like lube!
by Kisaki Kattakuzai January 02, 2008
17 42
to provide sexual pleasure by tugging on the crotch seam/zipper of one's or another's pants (especially jeans), resulting in friction against one's or another's "part"
I saw your ex-girlfriend seamsturbate in English class today.
by Kisaki Kattakuzai January 07, 2008
7 77
The greatest boyfriend ever.
My boyfriend, Donald! I LOVE HIM!
by Kisaki Kattakuzai January 02, 2008
200 536