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25 definitions by Kirupa

Having the color of purple
Barney is a purpular dinosaur that has "enriched" the lives of many children and their parents.
by kirupa April 09, 2013
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A commotion caused by a misunderstanding that involves truffles and truffle-related things.
A kertruffle broke out between two warring clans over who gets to control the rights to the truffle mine.
by kirupa March 31, 2013
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Obligated to or peer-pressured into
Just because I like eating dessert first doesn't mean you have to feel behooven to do so likewise.
by kirupa March 18, 2013
2 1
An event that is both awkward and awesome at the same time.
Watching young kids and/or old people fall down the stairs is pretty awksome.
by kirupa March 06, 2013
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The ability to program in a creative fashion.
Dude, I wish I had the programmabilitive ability that CliffyB or Senocular have.
by Kirupa August 31, 2004
7 6
A fun introduction to a topic
The witty dialogue in Pulp Fiction provides a funtroduction to the English language.
by kirupa February 15, 2014
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An event or occurrence that is both endearing as well as painfully irritating all at the same time
Listening to people talk endlessly about how cute their kids are is very endearritating.
by kirupa February 15, 2014
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