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A mathematical relationship that states the following: When two entities of awesomeness come into contact with each other, the result is something super-awesome that is the square of the total awesomeness each one brought individually.
When Batman and Superman combined forces to fight evil, the awesome square law went into effect and created an unstoppable force of good.

Other examples of the Awesome Square Law include:
1. Kenan and Kel
2. Simon and Garfunkel
3. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
4. Karl Malone and John Stockton
5. Bert and Ernie
by kirupa February 04, 2013
The epic battle between Instagram and Twitter on who can annoy their users more.
Forget the fiscal cliff or the Middle East or Justin Bieber. If somebody (Batman?) doesn't intervene in instatwittageddon, the world as we know it is over.
by kirupa December 09, 2012
An intraterrestrial life form that demands oxygen, water, and food for survival.
Now, I am not a speciest or anything, but I wish all of the eartians would just go back to where they came from.
by kirupa December 09, 2012
An event that is both awkward and awesome at the same time.
Watching young kids and/or old people fall down the stairs is pretty awksome.
by kirupa March 06, 2013
A fun introduction to a topic
The witty dialogue in Pulp Fiction provides a funtroduction to the English language.
by kirupa February 15, 2014
A superhuman creature known for its versatility in simultaneously narrating, swearing, and acting like an android.
Morgan L. Fassbender is so talented, he works with both Tarantino and Scorcese at the same time.
by kirupa February 15, 2014
A finely crafted beverage from the hills of Appalachia consisting of cinnamon toast crunch mixed with punch.
The best restaurants in the world have several flavors of Cinnamon Toast Punch on tap.
by kirupa February 15, 2014

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