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A drunken dispenser of love and sandwiches
I was over at Huw's last night and I never left because he chewed my thighs off.
by Kiru October 31, 2003
A mysterious and wonderful group of philanthropists, dedicated to manipulating the governments of the world through pop culture and music. Currently located in the mountains of Shankarland, the Headquarters of Shankar and the Lads is a magical place of wonderment and fancy. However, Intruders will be converted into liquid carrot if they are caught.
Shankar and the Lads have just set my village on fire and I FEEL GREAT!!!11
by Kiru November 06, 2003
a "certain" group of slags, sluts, queen bitches fom hell, DROMF e.t.c. hated by any one sane (girls) but loved and adored by most lads. At least they are completely stupid and havn't got half a brain between them! haaaaaaaaaaa!
by kiru October 23, 2003
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