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Noun- The first non-Caucasian President of the United States of America. Elected in two thousand nine, Barrack Obama immediately began establishing the most bi-partisan Presidency in United States history.

He seems to represent fairness so far, by helping the lower classes and by simply not being "white", but many remain doubtful of his ability to lead due to the short time he was a Senator.

Many more dislike him simply for being African American, for not being Democrat, and because he has supporters. The latter stands in stark contrast to the reign of George W. Bush, and thus gives the impression that his voters are "brainwashed".
Barrack Obama promises to bring change, which is vague but so far true.
by KirtiMiko September 03, 2009
One of the two main types of manga distributed in the U.S.A. It refers to manga marketed to girls, as opposed to Shounen, which is aimed at boys.

People often assume that all Shojo is romance, but though this is usually the case, it is not always so.

In essence, the differnce between Shojo and Shounen is that while in Shounen the characters exist to further the plot, in Shojo the plot exists to further the characters.
Normally I hate Shojo, but Vampire Knight has enough action to keep me entertained.
by KirtiMiko October 10, 2009
Short for "Shenendehowa", Shen is the team notorious for winning nearly every cross country title in the North Eastern United in 2009. This is because Shen Athletes are actually manufactured in the Shenedehowa High School basements out of a mix of testosterone, gold, magnatite, and pure evil.

Upon creation they are release to the cafeteria where they are given milk laced with steriods.

During meets, people of Shen do not tire because they sweat out the gold. As you know, gold is very heavy, so as they work hard and sweat more running gets easier. Additionally, Shen coaches set up giant magnets at the finish line to attract the magnitite.
First place in freshmen males running... Shen! First place in freshmen females running... Shen! First place in every other category... Shen! (Oh, and Guilderland nearly beat them once.)
by KirtiMiko February 11, 2010
Adjective- A little used term for a villianous character who has reasonable motives.

This word has it's roots in the words "believable" and "evil".
Anyone would do what he did. Naono is "b-evil-ble".
by KirtiMiko August 13, 2009
Used in the upstate New York area, it comes from the Italian word for disgusting, "scavoni". (Appearently.)


Skeevey means anything that is unappealing, distasteful, creepy, injust, or suspicious.

Noun, "That guy is a total skeeve."
Noun, "This whole thing gives me the skeeves."
Adj, "His grading policy is totally skeevey."
Adj, "How'd you get fired? Your supervisor was skeevtastic, he completly had it in for you!"
by KirtiMiko October 10, 2010
Noun- A person or object that is so awesome that you can only conclude that they've been leeching epicness from the rest of the world for their own mind blowing gain.

Verb- To pwnpire/ pwnpired. The act of a person or object sucking the coolness out of other, rarely specified things, because you rock so much that otherwise you wouldn't be able to supply your needs.

Pwnpires are the suspected cause of the Twilight series, George W. Bush, steamed vegetables and how badly the video game Spore tanked.
Wang Lee Hom is such a pwnpire! He composes his songs, writes the lyrics, sings unaccompanied, then plays each instrumental part himself before it's edited into one song. I blame him for Sarah Pallin.
by KirtiMiko September 23, 2009
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