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The beleif that god exists, but so do scientific and logical things.

Deists beleive that, rather then God shouting dramaticly "Let there be chickens!!" *, God created the first cell which then evolved into all other life. Meanwhile God was off doing important things, like creating other universes.

*let's not get into if he prehaps created eggs first, shall we?
In Deism, you beleive that God exists, but that's just about all you think about him.
#deism #god #creation #science #evolution
by Kirti Miko July 31, 2009
A horrible eating disorder in which the person, usually a young girl, eats large ammounts of food then feels bad and finds some way to "purge" themselves of the calories.

Many bulimics are recovering anorexics. They've had to deal with denying themselves their favorite food for so long that now they don't have the will power neccisary to do it any more, so they gorge themselves and puke, exersive, or use laxitives to get rid of it afterwards.

Like anorexics, bulimics sometimes do what they do to feel in control. But they do so without the same self control that anorexics have, and bulimics are harder to catch with more severe symptoms then anorexics.
Amy had only been home from Anorexia rehab for two days, when her mom found her barfing up an entire cake. She's checked back into rehab for Bulimia now.
#bulimia #anorexia #eating disorder #purge #rehab
by Kirti Miko July 31, 2009
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