9 definitions by Kirtan

A checklist of things to do leading up to and during the weekend.
SASSTO: Hey Dunny, what're you up to for the next couple days?

DUNNY: I dunno, let me check the Dunnitinerary... OK:
Wednesday - Dunnybraining
Thursday - Dunnygaming
Friday - Dunnydaying & Dunnyouting
Saturday - Dunnydying

SASSTO: Sounds like a good time!

by Kirtan April 16, 2008
To drink heavily the night previous to another heavy drinking day/night (preferably in Charlestown).
KIRTAN: What're you doing tonight?
DUNNY: I'm dunnygaming cuz I have the day off tomorrow and getting shitfaced.
KIRTAN: Yitadee!
by Kirtan April 07, 2008
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