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The weird feeling you get when you are expecting to experience a certain thing, but experience something else instead.
For example.. when you take a drink, and you expect it to be milk but it turns out to be apple juice.
Or.. when you are climbing stairs, and you expect there to be one more step than there actually is.
I had a twangle when I sat down there, the seat was much lower than I thought it was going to be!
#twangled #strange #weird #fright #jolt
by Kirsty and Nog January 10, 2011
The quilted pattern you get on your nails when you go to bed too soon after painting them with nail varnish.
N.B. Even when your nail varnish appears to be dry, you are still at risk of squeeble.
Girl One: "I'm going to bed"
Girl Two: "Haven't you just painted your nails?"
Girl One: "Yeah... Like an hour ago"
#squeebled (adj.) #nail varnish #pattern #quilted #bed
by Kirsty and Nog January 18, 2009
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