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Hmmmm Where do i start? There would be no point of this world without Ville on it. Life wouldnt be worth living without Ville. His beautiful Finnish accent and his amazing Lyrics are definately worth living for to hear his talent coming from your own sterio is amazing. I love HIM so much........<3
Im happy that Villes happy with Jonna but im really jealous coz i love HIM :(
Any HIM fans feel free to add me xJo1nMe1nDeathx@hotmail.co.uk (especially if your a Ville or Bam lookalike or if you are Ville or Bam lol, i should be sooo lucky.) I love you Ville *Hugs and kisses Ville*
Ville amazes me and my heart will never stop loving him ........<3
by Kirsty Valo February 03, 2005

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