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The inability of certain individuals to wear a shirt or top in both public and private life. Victims of this unusual condition feel compelled to go topless, and includes both male and female. To date there is no known cure. Sufferers are encouraged to either hide from public scrutiny or cash in on their new found talent...
Wow, look at that chest. She's obviously suffering from topless breast syndrome.
by Kirrock63 October 01, 2009
A group of asshole smegheads that nobody likes. Any group of jerkoffs, dickwads, jocks, or morons. A bunch of useless wankers that hang out together. Also, any sports team that has the record for consecutive losses.
"Hey look, here comes the smegma team down the hall". "The smegma team lost another game yesterday". "It's the smegma team and their captain Johnny Dickwad".
by Kirrock63 June 27, 2009
A rather used and roast beef looking vagina. Sometimes with extra cheese on top. "Especially popular in the Philly area".
"I could really go for some cunt steak tonight". "Hey baby, let me have a bite of that cunt steak".
by Kirrock63 June 27, 2009
AKA, Bill O'Rielly of Fox News. A pro-republican mouthpiece who speaks retoric and lies. A loudmouth dickhead who supports morons and criminals. A liar with no concience or informed insight, who speaks like he knows what he's talking about. A miserable old bastard who desperately needs to get laid....
1. "Hey, you watching Bilbo the clown on Fox tonight???"

2. "Your a regular bilbo the clown for stealing those lollipops from those children".
by Kirrock63 July 04, 2009
Skewed, messed, fowled, or fucked up. Broken or nonfunctional. Ruined, tainted, or changed....As in test results that are messed up; whether by accident, or deliberate action. Also any mechanical device or machine that is broken, or non functional for similar reasons.
1. "These test results are completely queered".

2. "This engine is totally queered, dude".

3. "You've really queered this whole party by inviting your jerk-off brother".
by Kirrock63 July 04, 2009

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