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verb: To "fight the mong" (also to "fight it")

This usually means that instead of monging, you're going on a trek.

It can mean simply keeping your eyes open, or even mean picking your drunken self up off the pavement. How you "fight it" depends on how monged out you are.
"Let's play football - come on, fight the mong lads!"

"Fight the mong Eric, it's closing time for fuck's sake"
by Kirkham November 23, 2003
Sarcastic response, usually aimed at twats (eg. pool king)

When a shit joke is cracked, "tchyeah" is the most effective way of making them feel smaller than a ginger's penis.

Can also be used when someone is bullshitting, or randomly when you are pissed.
"Ere lads, I've got a well funny story for you..."

"I shagged this well fit bird last nite..."

"That'll be £2.20 please mate"
by kirkham November 24, 2003
noun "mong"


the act of being monged out on a bed or chair


a place where it is possible for you to mong
"Eric went for a mong upstairs"

"I've been standing for ages, are there no decent mongs in this shithole?
by Kirkham November 21, 2003
verb "to mong"

to be in a deep state of relaxed wakefulness, often induced by the excessive use of alcohol or drugs.
"I've drank bare already, I need to mong"
by Kirkham November 21, 2003
Welsh legend.

Drinks bare, likes to trek to the pub. Has fucked his way through 15 counties, thanks to his train pass. Mongs a fair bit too.
"Fancy a pint?"
by kirkham November 24, 2003

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